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#15: Badmouth others to you

July 31, 2013


My nona, who immigrated to the United States from Italy, was a big fan of daytime talk shows, usually of the most dramatic variety. While watching Jerry Springer (which has a soft spot for consistently displaying tales of infidelity), she would advise the women on the show in her thick, Italian accent: “The man who […]

#14: Draining

July 29, 2013


Ever been in a conversation with someone only to feel, once you got back home, that you had been completely drained? Devoid of energy? Like the other person just sucked the very life force out of you?  I know I have. When  I walk away from these interactions I feel like I need a nap. […]

#13: Self-Centered

July 27, 2013


It’s not difficult to ascertain whether someone else is self-centered.  You will notice this almost from the very beginning of the relationship.  If you share a difficulty in your life with them, they will turn the conversation directly back to themselves. Not just once, but over and over again. They will meet up with you, […]

#12: Phony Baloney

July 24, 2013


One of my favorite business coaches, Michael Port, often talks about how he tried out a stint as a actor before starting his own coaching practice. He jokes that almost everyone he met in L.A. during that time was fake. See, Michael believes that being truly authentic is essential to building trust with clients, so […]

#11: Delusions of Grandeur

July 22, 2013


Several years ago, some friends of mine threw an “American Idol” party. I’ve never really been into television and so I just went because, well, hey, it’s a party, right? And having never seen American Idol before, there were two things that really surprised me when I first saw it. The first one was how […]

#10: Pattern of Short-Term Relationships

July 19, 2013


Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to have relationships from their childhoods.  I have several-but very few- friends from my childhood that I still keep in touch with. Because of distance, work schedules, and life responsibilities, we are now Facebook friends only and I get to interact with them just through status updates. […]

#9: Brags about manipulating others

July 17, 2013


Several years ago, I read a pop psychology book on reading people and figuring them out. I don’t even remember the name of the book nor the author, but I do remember reading something that (at the time)  I thought was ridiculous. The author stated that people often admit who they are, even when they […]

#7: Conflict, chaos and negative drama & #8: Triangulation

July 12, 2013


If you want to live a happy and harmonious life, then you’re going to want to be very selective about the people whom you allow into your inner circle. That’s what this whole series is about this summer, isn’t it? Because choosing your relationships wisely, surrounding yourself with the best people, ensures a solid support […]

#6: Hurt on Purpose

July 10, 2013


There are some people in the world who feel the need to say and do hurtful things on purpose. Regardless of what you say to them about their words and actions, some people decide that they are stuck on being mean. Now all of us, at some point or another, have said or done something […]

#5: Self-Destructive

July 9, 2013


As a general rule, people who destroy themselves usually have no qualms about destroying the lives and relationships of others. I want you to remember that the next time you’re tempted to save someone who is intent on destroying himself. Does the self-destructive person need help? Yes. Does the self-destructive person need love and empathy? […]