#3: Arrogant Entitlement

Posted on July 3, 2013



We’ve all met people who think the world owes them something. Who believe that they deserve the promotion without putting in the work, who believe that they deserve luxury items when they don’t have the money, who believe that they deserve star treatment when they haven’t done anything exceptional and who believe that you owe them something big when they’ve done very little for you. We’ve all met these people and we abhor them. 

Their arrogance is a turn-off. Their sense of entitlement is abominable. And yet, and yet, many of us allow ourselves to get sucked into relationships with them. We become part of  their twisted realities where they claim their superiority to everyone else and are constantly talking about what others should do for them. 

The most ironic part of the arrogant and entitled person is that, in addition to telling you what they rightfully deserve, they give very little to others. They’re the ones who never reciprocate on any level.

Watch out for the man who insists on eating at the best restaurants, who refuses to wait his turn in line and who demands nothing but perfection from those around him, and then has no qualms about increasing his debt, wasting others’ time and being mediocre himself.

Watch out for the friend who demands that you give her your undivided attention, empathy, and time and then drops the ball when it’s time to reciprocate.

Look out for the family member who insists that you throw her an over-the-top party to celebrate her 40th and then completely forgets to even call you on your birthday. 

If you’re a generous person, you need to be extra careful. These people will target you specifically, believing that you will fulfill their fantasies of entitlement. 

The arrogant and entitled people of the world, just like the other two characters we’ve mentioned previously, will incriminate themselves at the very beginning of a relationship. They will demand a lot and they will give a little, often very little of exactly what they demand of others. 

Don’t excuse their behavior. Don’t try to figure them out. Once you realize someone is arrogant and entitled, it’s best to walk away, before they waste any more of what’s precious to you.