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Five Ways to Meet Quality Men (and NO, the club is not one of them)

May 6, 2010


The other day a friend of mine was gushing about a guy who finally asked her out. She is beyond elated-she’s had a crush on this guy forever. As she started describing how she was picturing her wedding, I stopped her mid-sentence and said what I say to all the women I love who are […]

Dating Program of Three: Potential Suitor Checklist

May 4, 2010


In my last post I talked about the three questions one needs to ask when one is deciding whether or not a potential suitor can make it into the Dating Program of Three. I promised you a more elaborate checklist to help you answer each of those three questions. Here’s how to use the checklist: […]

Dating Program of Three: Being Selective

May 3, 2010


Last week, I wrote a little bit about the Dating Program of Three and why I think it’s such an effective way to approach dating. (You can find that entry here). You may find yourself wondering Now What? *If you are NOT wondering now what, if you are instead thinking-I can’t even find ONE guy […]

The Dating Program of Three

April 26, 2010


As part of my ongoing dating and relationship research, I have recently purchased Diana Kirschner’s book Love in 90 Days. First let me say that I do not agree with every piece of advice that Dr. Kirschner presents in this book.¬†However, there is something to which Dr. Kirschner advises single women to do that I […]