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Challenge #5: Learn your Line

August 17, 2011


Each one of us has (what I like to call) a line. That line is a very valuable thing. It’s the line that divides what we are comfortable with from what we are not comfortable with. That line is the line that tells others where your boundaries are. A big part of learning your own […]

Enemies of the Body Compass

March 14, 2011


Maybe you’ve read my last post and have been trying to get in touch with your Body Compass. For some reason, you just can’t seem to access it. You’re starting to feel frustrated and may even be entertaining some doubts as to whether or not you’ll ever be able to find it. If this sounds […]

Your Body Compass

March 10, 2011


Inside each of us is our own infallible compass. It is constantly telling us if we are moving towards our best life or if we are moving away from it. This incredible tool is called our Body Compass. Regardless of how hard our lizards may try to overtake our brains with fear, the Body Compass, […]