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Obstacles or Opportunities?

May 27, 2011


The process of dating, (and dating and then dating some more) can wear on a person. After several unsuccessful relationships, after a few False Alarms, after being invited to yet another wedding (where you will not be able to extend the ‘And Guest’ invitation), it can be easy to slip into a state of self-doubt […]

The Biggest Mistake You’re Making

May 20, 2011


This month, we’ve been examining how to improve the process of falling in love. One very important way is to dissolve unrealistic expectations and destructive thoughts. One of the most common-and biggest-mistakes I see single people making lies in their thinking. The thought that causes so many illusions, and disappointments, goes something like this: Once […]

The False Alarm: Part of the Process

May 13, 2011


You’re out there, in the dating world, looking for that special someone. You’ve probably searched high and low; you’ve dated many people; you’ve kissed more than your fair share of frogs. And, it seems, all to no avail. But then you meet someone. And he or she is fantastic. They are so great (especially when […]

Process vs. Product Thinking

May 4, 2011


Few things feel quite as good as when we achieve a goal-when we finally run that marathon, or lose the10┬álbs we’ve been struggling with or yes, of course, when we finally meet that special someone. But in our culture, sometimes we can get so caught up in achieving results that we forget to enjoy the […]