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Assembly Line Philosophy

June 25, 2012


If multitasking won’t work for a task, another way you can Krunch your schedule is to apply the assembly-line philosophy to some of the tasks in your life. One very simple way you can do this is by planning out your errands in advance. Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to realize, […]

Krunching It

June 22, 2012


If you’re not able to ‘Kick’ a task, then you may want to try this second time-saving coaching tool. I call this tool Krunching It. To “Krunch” something means to complete a task in the most efficient way possible. With a little creativity and some planning, almost any activity on your time chart can be […]

Kicking It

June 20, 2012


Once you’ve taken a good, honest, hard look at the reasons why you spend your time on the things you do, you’re ready for a coaching tool to help free up some of your time. This tool is called Kicking It.  Anything that you are doing out of the Toxic Triad of fear, obligation or […]

Your Time Intentions

June 14, 2012


As I pointed out in my last post, when you’ve decided that you want to free up your life, keeping track of how you spend your time is certainly an important first step. But the next step is  even more crucial. Taking a look at why you decided to spend your time on the things […]

The most important step for more time

June 13, 2012


Over the past several months, I’ve been reading quite a bit of literature on time-saving and time-efficiency.  And, as I’ve stated before, there’s a lot out there. If you’re not careful, you could waste a lot of time reading information on how to save it! But one thing that I’m not finding in this sea […]

My Time Wasters

June 11, 2012


The results are in. For the past 10 days, I’ve been tracking where and how I spend my minutes, my hours and my days. And wow. Wow, do I waste a lot of time on stupid sh*t.  In any given day I can waste 3-4 hours on the internet. That’s right. Three to four hours. […]

Doing Time

June 9, 2012


As Laura Vanderkam advises in my new favorite book 168 Hours, keeping track of how and where you spend your time really sheds some light on how you’re spending-or wasting-your life. I love how Vanderkam reminds her readers that what they do each day adds up to what they do with their lives. Big accomplishments […]

Great time-recording resources

June 4, 2012


Last week, I started a great book by Laura Vanderkam called 168 hours. She has some really great resources on how to manage your time in this book, and one of my favorites are her time-tracking tools. If you’re completing the Time-Tracker tool explained in the summer newsletter series, both of these tools are fantastic.  […]

It’s Time.

June 2, 2012


It’s time.  And by that I mean, IT is time.  And what is IT? IT is everything that matters. Several months ago, I had a nice, big reality check. Lying in a hospital bed in an ICU after severe cardiac failure, I knew that there was only one thing I really wanted. And that was […]