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Showing Up

October 11, 2016


Last month, my high school class celebrated its 20 year reunion. Someone created a Facebook group for us all and there were a bunch of pictures posted from those days. Pictures of teenagers with crazy, frizzed-out hair and plaid flannels and almost painfully insecure postures. Pictures of athletes and clubs and social gatherings in the […]


July 29, 2016


About a year ago, my husband and I adopted our youngest son. I’ve waited to write about the adoption for many reasons but, mostly, because taking care of an infant is all-consuming and I just didn’t have the time. I also felt that I needed to fully process the experience before sharing it on my […]

Sitting with the Right People

April 19, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, a baby shower was thrown for one of my work friends. The party was during a workday, during lunch time, and as I walked into the room, I did what almost everyone who walks into a party does. I noticed the decorations and the food and the gifts, of course. […]

On being lucky

March 31, 2016


This month, I did what I do every March. I sit in a doctor’s office, waiting for a nurse to call me back to a room where, eventually, an oncologist will meet with me to discuss the results of my blood work. Sometimes there are other tests to talk about too; the more ambitious will […]

A little hiatus…

February 1, 2016


Hello, everyone. I know; it’s been awhile and I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner. A week after my last post, my husband and I were informed that we had been chosen for an adoption we had been waiting over a year for. There was tons of paperwork and travel and case worker visits […]

Owning power

March 10, 2015


There are few things more intimidating than going to the free weights section of some big, rather expensive gym and being the only woman there. Well, actually, there are few things more intimidating than going to the free weights section of some big, rather expensive gym and being the only woman there next to man […]

The Deep Yes and The Brave No

May 23, 2014


In March, we bought our first electric car. Not only it is awesome not to have to buy gas every week, but it makes me feel like we’re really being as environmentally responsible as possible. We dished out big money to have all energy-saver appliances when we bought our home, we’ve signed up with the […]

The crazy’s in the concept

September 17, 2013


My yoga studio now has Bhakti yoga which is fucking awesome. Bhakti yoga is the sacred yoga of love and devotion. It’s this really intense practice where you chant while holding poses and learn how to open your heart. It sounds silly to say this but the whole point of it is to teach you […]

Get in where you fit in

August 19, 2013


My son has super cute curls. He gets these from my husband (when G. had hair that is) and everywhere I go, people stop me to tell me how adorable he is. He’s kind of a flirt as well, so the hair and the coy smile means that he always gets lots of attention. When we go to Trader […]

Marriage is hard and other musings

August 13, 2013


When you get married, people tell you things like Marriage is hard. Marriage takes a lot of work. If you’re single, you may even hear this from your married friends when you an express a desire to not be single. {As in: Just you wait! Marriage is a lot of work!} Certain thoughts may go […]