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Being. True.

February 25, 2014


A few weeks ago, we had several snow days here in Atlanta. Two, back-to-back weeks of icy roads and city craziness and no school and so I decided to do some crafts with my two year old son. I’ve had these pretty, red flat cards for years that I’ve been meaning to use and Valentine’s […]

The Bad Relationship Series: Kicking A.S.S. and Listening In

June 12, 2013


If almost every bad relationship is preventable, then what’s preventing you from picking up on the warning signs before you get invested?  In most of my sessions with clients, when we shift into a perception of power and analyze personal weaknesses, a common theme appears. People know, from the very beginning of most relationships, whether […]


January 1, 2013


A *new* year. A clean slate. And perhaps a list of things you’ve resolved to do. Or not do. Maybe you’ve decided to give up smoking, stop eating chocolate, lose ten pounds. Who knows? Perhaps you’re on a treadmill right now, power walking furiously and logging your breakfast onto MyFitnessPal. Or maybe you haven’t made any […]