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#1. Lack of Empathy

June 20, 2013


If there’s one personality characteristic that almost often scares me off and sends me running in the other direction, it’s a lack of empathy.  You know why?  Because at the foundation of every personality disorder, every sociopathic intention and every psychopathic tendency is a lack of empathy. This doesn’t mean that a person who struggles […]

Four people who will waste your energy in conversations

May 21, 2010


In my last post, I discussed one of the most important relationship tools anyone can use to deepen their relationship with someone they love-empathetic listening. Listening and communicating with empathy can be transformative. But let’s face it-there are some people with whom this communication tool will be a waste of your time. Why? Because some […]

The most important (and rarely used) communication tool

May 19, 2010


Several weeks ago, while on Facebook, I noticed a status update from a girl I went to high school with stating how hurt and disappointed she was. She and her fiance decided not to invite children to their wedding and some of her guests were declining their invitations because of this. Her post had over 25 […]