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Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #6: High-Risk Relationships

June 28, 2010


He’s an alcoholic.  He has a problem with drugs. He’s married. Or, he has a string of disturbing relationships from his past (ie: four divorces). What do all of these situations have in common? They all mean that there are some pretty high risks of getting involved with him. And by high risk I mean […]

Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #3: Pretending IT is not important

June 7, 2010


There’s something that’s important to you. I mean, REALLY important. You want to get married some day. Or you love kids and want some of your own. Or you don’t love kids and don’t want any. Or you love your pets and wouldn’t dream of giving them away. Or you’re devout to your religion. Whatever […]

Are YOU giving off “Use Me” Vibes? 4 Signs of Exploitation

June 3, 2010


As women, most of us know the common sense rules of keeping ourselves safe. We don’t walk by ourselves through dark, sketchy alleys, we park under the lights in the parking lot, we know better than to be on our cell phones if we’re alone and it’s dark out.  (You do know that last one, […]

Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #2: Falling for the Flame-Out

June 1, 2010


In a post last week, I discussed the first Dysfunctional Dating Pattern-Rescuing the Deeply Wounded Man. The next day, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, gave an interview to Nightline about his divorce. He claimed his abusive childhood caused him to cheat on his wife. What a completely pathetic excuse for infidelity! Thank you, Mr. James, […]

Dysfunctional Dating Pattern #1

May 24, 2010


Being in my line of work as a dating and relationship coach, I am privy to some of the most common dating disasters women make. Add to this not settling down until I was in my 30’s and you can just imagine the amount of  material I have on this subject. One of the first […]

Four people who will waste your energy in conversations

May 21, 2010


In my last post, I discussed one of the most important relationship tools anyone can use to deepen their relationship with someone they love-empathetic listening. Listening and communicating with empathy can be transformative. But let’s face it-there are some people with whom this communication tool will be a waste of your time. Why? Because some […]

The most important (and rarely used) communication tool

May 19, 2010


Several weeks ago, while on Facebook, I noticed a status update from a girl I went to high school with stating how hurt and disappointed she was. She and her fiance decided not to invite children to their wedding and some of her guests were declining their invitations because of this. Her post had over 25 […]

If you want a better relationship, stop this bad habit.

May 17, 2010


There’s a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing lately with women in relationships. I feel obligated to write a post specifically to women who need a little reality check about their communication styles. Over and over, my female clients complain about disrespectful communication from men. They say how they feel disrespected when their boyfriend looks at […]

How to “work” on love

May 12, 2010


In yesterday’s post, I asked you to list all the things you think you would have if you had a man, things that you currently don’t think you have now. I want you to look at each item on your list. For each item, I want you to answer the questions-So what am I making […]

If I had a man…

May 11, 2010


We’re going to play a little game. I want you to answer this statement by filling in the blank: If I had a man, _________________________________. If you had a man or a boyfriend or a husband or a great relationship (whatever it is you really want) how do you think your life would be different? […]