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Some of my lizard thoughts

April 3, 2012


As usual, my lizard-Blanche- is hard at work, trying to convince me that I am a horrible parent, coach and wife (and this all in one hour!) and that my successes won’t last forever. As I promised, here are some of her most recent gems. (You’ll note that she is relentless. )  -You are a […]

Spring Clean Your Mind: Part One

April 2, 2012


An inspiring mentor of mine once wisely advised me that before starting anything, I should put a plan in place to outline and assess how I was going to achieve it. As someone who likes to get started on a new endeavor ASAP (I really don’t have a procrastinating bone in my body), this was […]

Spring Clean Your Mind

April 1, 2012


This spring, as you tackle the ubiquitous list of cleaning to-do’s, I’d like to challenge you to another task. I’d like you to spring clean your mind. Now, I’m not trying to convince you to rid yourself of dirty thoughts (what fun would that be?) But rather, I’d like you to learn, through some discipline […]

Nothing Supports Me

October 15, 2010


Several months ago, a client of mine was making several huge, sweeping life changes. She was ending a romantic relationship, finishing an advanced degree (and looking for a new job that would allow her to put her degree to good use) and trying to raise several children by herself. Bills were piling up and collectors […]

Enough, already!

October 11, 2010


I’m not good enough is one of my favorite lizard lies because for many years it held such power over me. This one little lie caused so much suffering. It seems to be a story that many of my clients’ lizards tell to them often as well. I’m not good enough is a variation of […]

What to do with Lizard Lies

October 5, 2010


If you’ve started to become aware of the self-defeating messages from your lizard, if you’ve begun to identify its “Tunes O’ Terror,” then you’re ready for the next step. You’re ready to put your lizard in its place (which is on a leash), where it can do as little harm as possible. How does one […]

Your Lizard and Love

October 1, 2010


There’s someone in your life who is ruining your relationships and sabotaging your love life. There’s someone who’s not only a tyrant and a bully, but a power monger, a naysayer and a big-time fear inducer. That someone would be your lizard. Some people call this fear-based part of you “the reptilian brain” or your […]

How to tame your lizard

April 20, 2010


So you’ve got a lizard. And it’s running wild and crazy. Here’s what to do when your lizard gets out of hand. If you’ve ever heard me talk about Blanche, you know about my lizard. She is such a part of my everyday, she even has her very own page on my blog. After years […]